Foods and drinks

There are various places where you can go for food or drinks.

At Vineyard de Daalgaard in Sinth Agatha you can go on a wine tasting tour.

The Meerstoel in Maashees is located alongside the lock. De Meerstoel is a trendy eatery where they cook with locally produced ingredients. They also organise special herb walking tours in the Maasheggen

How about the Veerhuis in Oeffelt? A cosy brasserie for lunch and dinner with a unique syrup factory that uses ingredients from the Maasheggen area.

In addition, there is restaurant de Heerlijkheid in Boxmeer. They work with pure and honest (regional) products and serve original dishes with a French twist.

Pancake Restaurant de Zeven Dwergen in Sint Agatha serves the most delicious pancakes. The restaurant is beautifully situated on the river Meuse with a fantastic outdoor playground.

Herberg Thijssen in Vierlingsbeek is a bed and breakfast with a cosy café where you can choose from delicious, authentic dishes for a simple yet tasteful menu.

At Restaurant Riche in Boxmeer, located at the Wilhelminaplein you can both dine and spend the night.

For an overview of restaurants please have a look on the website of the Country of Cuijk.

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